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Living With Persistent Joint And Muscle Pain

Living with joint and muscle pain issues? Were you told “your body is reminding you of your age”? Here is the start of you finding better ways to regain a full range of motion, relief from pain and a more resilient sense of wellness. Getting to that point of confidence requires very effective, professional help.

When we get to be 55+ resistance in our joints leads to painful movement. It starts with your body defending against joint pain due to an injury or repetitive strain; leading to difficulty in completing commands; resulting in joint displacement that also displaces surrounding fascia and adjoining muscles that are compensating for the joint’s displacement. This compensating further aggravates arthritis and stenosis. However, these moves don’t compensate for the imbalance in the body’s autonomic nervous system which governs movement. One aspect of this system is referred to as “homeostasis” – the mechanisms that stabilize the circulation, restores vigor, and helps digestion/elimination. The other aspect that is gaining more attention from doctors is “allostasis” – the mechanisms that calibrate for stress overload, and extend functional range to meet the emotional and physical challenge. Both these provisions need balancing, and will help the body’s palliative power to heal.

Helping Palliative Power of the Body To Heal

Reestablishing the body as optimally responsive, termed here as “vigor”, is of primary concern for the manual therapist. This includes treating the neural-muscular relationship between brain and limb. The sequence of muscle contraction and release is vital to healthy joint function. There is now enough researched evidence to support manual therapy and its ability to help the palliative power of the body to heal itself.

NIH studies discovered manual manipulation of soft tissue accelerates the body’s ability to regain the smooth mobilization of joints.

Say Goodbye To Joint And Muscle Pain

Practically all of the clients that are treated in this clinic are quick to report added vigor to their movement, and more resilience to manage stress.

Brook Tarrant is a very experienced California State Certified Massage Therapist and Bodyworker. His clinic has developed a state-of-the-art approach that brings rapid results to clients with chronic immobility issues. Even after two or three sessions, clients find that they gain range of function and say goodbye to pain.

This clinic views “health” as an optimal response to the environment, and offers reliable help for the body to become more adaptive as well as regulated. Therapy induces “small, frequent rewards” from the neural-muscular networks to become more co-competent. This inducts a new wave of movement that evolves from naive set of actions. Movement quickly finds an optimal course that works from agile response to easy release, and is resilient to withstand everyday stress.

If you want to get to that place where joint and muscle pain are replaced by relief, call for an appointment today.

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