Brook Tarrant CMT

Orthopedic Massage Therapist

Brook went into practice in 2002. He treats private clients in San Francisco, Sonoma County and Marin County with a wide range of acute and chronic soft tissue conditions. Partnering with law firms and orthopedic clinics, treating personal injury cases to cure acute and chronic muscular-skeletal conditions.

Brook was one of the first therapists in the state to have a CMT status with California Massage Therapy Council – Cert. Lic. # 11122, covered by professional liability insurance with ABMP.

Also the first manual therapist in Sonoma County to use Soft Tissue Release as taught by its originator Stuart Taws. STR is a more advanced and impactful version of ART, (Active Release Therapy’s originator trained under Taws). STR is the cornerstone of Brook’s practice, and has consistently proved its value to handle the injuries that many DC, PT, and other bodywork professionals have failed to cure.  Countless clients benefit from this remedial approach and are running around pain free.