Frequently Asked Questions

Does Brook Tarrant CMT take healthcare insurance?

“Yes” we take insurance with the right conditions. The most practical approach is to come to us with a doctor’s diagnosis (ICD 10 code) and a prescription for “Manual Therapy”, or “Myofacial Release Therapy”. If you have been injured in a car accident and your insurer is covering your treatment costs, you may not need a doctor’s note to proceed with manual therapy. With either scenario, this clinic is experienced in providing the required information to help your insurer cover healthcare costs related to our services. We will do every reasonable task required to gain you a “pre-authorization” from your insurer, including Medicare coverage.

I have been told that my condition is not treatable and that I just have to live with its consequences. Why should I trust another therapist when the orthopedic experts have given me this prognosis?

No one healthcare professional should have the final word when it comes to your healthcare decisions. If surgical intervention has been ruled out due to high risk with little chance of success, a more conservative treatment such as manual therapy could be worth pursuing. This clinic has successfully treated many clients who were previously discarded as “not a candidate for surgery”.

I have had massage before for my condition, leaving me in even more physical pain the following day. Can this form of therapy cause pain the following day?

Achieving more range of motion without triggering the inflammation/immune response is achieved because of the tempo of movement during therapy. Although our clients feel the depth of our treatment, they are surprised not have bruises the next morning. Our treatments are both kind to mind and body, and long lasting in their effects.

How many sessions do I have to attend in order to regain a healthier condition?

Five sessions are recommended to start recovering range of function and a noticeable depletion of pain. Even conditions that have been tolerated for years can show signs of reversal after just 2-3 sessions.

Do you offer any guarantees of satisfaction? Do I get my money back if this therapy does not work for me?

Yes, absolutely! This clinic stands by the efficacy of this work. The initial 15minute evaluation is free. After reviewing the first 60 or 90minute treatment with the therapist, if you feel that this method is not for you, you will be refunded 50% of all fees paid.